:: Connected Solutions for a Connected World :: ™
:: What Do We Do?_
We provide electronic, analog and consulting services, that are designed for the purpose of connecting our clients to the customers they serve. Our offerings include but are not limited to:
    • custom mobile application development
    • on-site technology training, consultation and implementations
    • and the all-in-one software series

:: Mobile Apple Apps?_
No longer are mobile applications limited to lackluster two-color applications. With the launch of the iPhone and the iPad, Apple Computer, Inc. has revolutionized the mobile device marketplace, and the team at A.G. Enterprises can make sure your company doesn't get left behind.

Available on the App Store!

:: Why Do We Do It?_
Because there is a need and where there is a need, there is a niche. Our niche is the Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) segment of the business community. Companies within this segment, perhaps more than any other, have a need for electronic, analog and consulting services at a cost that is substantially lower than the exorbitant rates charged by the larger organizations performing similar types of services.

:: How Do We Do It?_
In operation since 1995, A.G. Enterprises provides services ranging from onsite training to long-term staff augmentation and almost everything in between. Our representatives are industry professionals that provide services equal-to-if-not-higher-in-quality than those produced by our more expensive competitors. We use time proven methodologies to complete our projects on time, under budget and with client expectations exceeded every time and yes, our rates are typically half of what the other guys charge.

:: All-In-One Software_
The All-In-One Software Series is a family of products that are designed to provide users with outstanding functionality and usability, without being cumbersome or difficult to use. click here for more information and links to download our software

:: Want More Info?_
Our representatives are ready to assist. Initial consultations are always free and you can't beat that. Send us an e-mail directed to agenterprises.net@gmail.com.


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